Resorts to visit Manduria and surroundings

Masseria Li Reni is the perfect resort for visiting Manduria and its surroundings because it is just 4 km from one of the most beautiful places in Salento.
We can reach the historic center quickly, in just 5 minutes by car driving along SP359. Just a few steps distance us from a village full of charm and of strong historical interest, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, with narrow streets and alleys to get lost in, with a strong wine and food heritage, 18 kilometers of coastline and an archaeological park to visit.

Luxury resort to visit Manduria and surroundings

A visit to Manduria starts from its historic center, with alleys and narrow streets capable of giving a unique atmosphere to the whole environment.
Among the locations not to be missed are:

- Palazzo Imperiali Filotico: born where a castle once stood, it is considered one of the most important feudal palaces in Salento;
- Mother Church of Manduria: Gothic and Romanesque features combine in an impressive example of Apulian religious architecture, with five naves, central colonnade, side chapels and decorated capitals, and wooden pulpit and ceiling. Impressive work;
- Jewish Quarter: as old as the Roman ghetto, the quarter is in the historic center and extends near Vico Stretto, Vico Lacaita and Vico degli Ebrei. With synagogue, projecting chimneys and Rabbi's Lodge;
- Museum of Primitivo Civilization and Wine: is inside the Cantina Produttori di Vini di Manduria winery and offers a tour that allows visitors to take a multisensory journey through the secrets of the area's most famous wine;
- Manduria Terra di Messapi Archaeological Museum: is inside the former Augustinian convent and preserves artifacts from grave goods and necropolis;
- Archaeological Park of the Messapian Walls: in Piazza Scegnu we can admire the remains of the Messapian era. With Fonte Pliniano, small church of S. Pietro Mandurino, walls, necropolis.

Resort to visit Manduria, what to see nearby

Moving outside the center we find numerous locations capable of conquering adults and children alike. Here are the most beautiful ones:

- Beaches: San Pietro in Bevagna, Vecchia Salina, Salina dei Monaci, Borraco, Porto Cesareo, Pulsano, Marina di Lizzano, Punta Prosciutto;
- Watchtowers: Torre Borraco, Torre Salina dei Monaci, Torre San Pietro in Bevagna, Torre Colimena;
- Cuturi forest: 35 hectares and included in the Regional Nature Reserves of the Eastern Tarantino Coast.

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