Masseria with Spa Puglia

The Masseria with Spa in Puglia Li Reni pampers its guests with its in-house wellness center, a corner dedicated to the well-being of mind and body embedded in the structure. The Spa best sums up the spirit of the entire resort because it manages to perfectly combine the ancient and characteristic atmosphere of the masseria with the comforts and services of modern times. A plus that is particularly appreciated by guests because it allows them to regenerate themselves through a particular path or specific treatments, discharge the toxins accumulated over time and relax at their best.

Masseria with Spa in Puglia in Salento

The spa features a series of environments designed to shape a homogeneous path.
The Finnish wooden sauna allows the body to relax while benefiting from a temperature of up to 80-100° C. It banishes stress, purifies and regenerates mind and body, relaxes muscles and oxygenates tissues. Soul Steam, on the other hand, is an environment with 45° temperature and 98 percent humidity. A space designed to combine the strength of heat with the lightness of steam for the purpose of ensuring skin exfoliation, relaxing the body by promoting serotonin production.

After moist heat comes Cold Storm, an icy rush of water that restores the body's thermal balance. With Scots Pine aroma and blue light contributing to a total sensory experience. Cold Water Blade, on the other hand, conveys a powerful jet of water that has an invigorating effect. A cold reaction to match the dry heat of the Finnish sauna, a natural massage performed through a cold waterfall-effect jet.

Luxury Masseria with Spa in Puglia

Finally, the exclusive and innovative Zerobody, a system designed to regenerate body and mind. It is a treatment that sees the body floating above more than 400 liters of warm water without having to undress or even get wet. It is a technique designed to regenerate body and mind, relieve muscle and joint pain, improve blood circulation, promote muscle recovery, lower stress levels, and improve sleep quality, concentration and memory.

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