Relaxing, regenerating and finding the balance between body and mind has never been easier.

For absolute well-being, treat yourself to our Private Spa: a true wellness space to be experienced in absolute intimacy.

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Zerobody is an innovative and patented system to regenerate the body and mind.
Born from extensive scientific research on the benefits of floating in water, Zerobody is an effective and versatile solution for Dry Float Therapy: the body floats on over 400 liters of hot water, without the need to undress or get wet.
An innovative technique that relieves muscle and joint pain, improves blood circulation and promotes muscle recovery. Not only that, Zerobody also acts effectively on mental well-being, reducing stress levels, improving the quality of sleep, concentration and memory.

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Soul Sauna

The Finnish sauna is the ideal environment to relax, reduce stress, strengthen the respiratory tract, relax the muscles and oxygenate the tissues. The dry climate and intense heat envelop mind and body, purifying and regenerating them. The temperature, which reaches 80-100 ° C, welcomes the body in a restorative embrace, while the wood transmits an intense and solid sensory experience.

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The strength of the heat and the lightness of the steam come together to give life to Soul Steam, a regenerating oasis of absolute psycho-physical well-being. Air, steam and perfumed fragrances melt and mix to rest delicately on the skin, facilitating its natural exfoliation and increasing its transpiration. The 45 ° C present in the environment and the 98% humidity level relax the body in a natural way, favoring the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

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Cold Storm is the ideal solution to restore thermal equilibrium after exposure to the humid and moderate heat of the steam bath and soft sauna. The icy splash of water, the blue light and the Scots pine aroma give a sensory experience with an invigorating and invigorating effect.
Cold Water Blade regenerates mind and body through an energetic jet of water with a toning effect, a unique sensory experience that combines the power of water with the effectiveness of a natural massage. It is one of the ideal cold reactions to combine with the dry heat of the Finnish sauna, thanks to its cold waterfall effect jet.

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The use of the SPA is reserved exclusively for guests of the Masseria.
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